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Sturdy shop grows steadily

Hey there, welcome to the Sweet Sensation Superstore. You may have noticed that things aren’t yet ordered, embellished and thoroughly designed.
Actually turned to a lonesome cowboy dragging this on as my former pardner sprung off. Have a look around, the shop system is working and kept up to date as far as my two hands and single brain brings me. If you have suggestions or even a product you’d like to sell here, give me a shout, ok?
Ah by the way, if you find bugs or help me out, it’s worth a huge hug from me to you. Joking… 😉

You will surely get a golden rebate coupon for sure.

Shop on!

Nuff rambling, hope you enjoy your stay. Happy browsing! =)

Short update to let you know we keep the show on the road, the server load low and fresh products in the flow.
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