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Sturdy shop grows steadily

Hey there, welcome to the Sweet Sensation Superstore. You may have noticed that things aren’t yet ordered, embellished and thoroughly designed.
Actually turned to a lonesome cowboy dragging this on as my former pardner sprung off. Have a look around, the shop system is working and kept up to date as far as my two hands and single brain brings me. If you have suggestions or even a product you’d like to sell here, give me a shout, ok?
Ah by the way, if you find bugs or help me out, it’s worth a huge hug from me to you. Joking… 😉

You will surely get a golden rebate coupon for sure.

Shop on!

Nuff rambling, hope you enjoy your stay. Happy browsing! =)

Short update to let you know we keep the show on the road, the server load low and fresh products in the flow.
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Welcome to the Superstore

Welcome Post Sweet Sensation Lifestyle Boutique Palm Raspberry Drink at the Seaside

Nice to see you in our Sweet Sensation Lifestyle Boutique part of the webshop which is set up for international deliveries. The project team is ambitious to turn the CBD, gadget and gift store into a grown superstore delivering the goods straight into your hoods and lighting up the moods. From clothes, to cosmetics and from rarities over to tech devices you will find a neatly growing variancy of different product categories. If you are looking for something special and haven’t found it in the Sweet Sensation Superstore you might be interested in sending us your inquiry so we could reach out and see if we can organize the wished rarity for you.

Be daring and feel free to ask us, if you got questions on shopping products or wishes concerning prices, delivery and more.

Anyway, have a sweet time browsing through our wares, cheers!